Robotic Duct Cleaning Services

Robotic Duct Cleaning Services

Air Duct Renovation is a program that will enable companies to maintain the air- condition ducts in centrally air conditioned building to eliminate the Sick building syndrome. The composite effect of these multiple pollutants can bring about what has been termed as Sick Building Syndrome which creates symptoms in the occupants, such as fatigue, Irritation of the eyes, headaches, sinus and sensory discomfort from odour and nausea.The Legionnaires diseases are also associated with indoor air contamination where the agent, Legionella Pneumophila has been found in cooling systems and humidifiers.

Some of the causes for these diseases are as follows: Inadequate ventilation, Chemical Contamination from Indoor sources, Chemical Contamination from outdoor sources and Biological contamination.

Air – condition duct renovation is done on stage by stage basis. At first we protect the site by covering chairs and tables in the building. Then we send a robot inside the duct to inspect the condition inside the duct, this robot has a high range camera so that video could be recorded and shown to the client. The robot enters the duct from the diffuser or grills from one point and then is taken out from the other point.

In the second stage we seal the duct from two points to create a vacuum inside the duct. Send in our robots with special accessories inside the duct and push out the dust from one point. The dust is then sucked up from the other point by our special equipment using high pressure air.

Laboratory Test:

Depending on the facility, whether it is a hospital or a chemical manufacturing plant, it is important that it is important that the facility manager know what is inside of the duct systems, what the components of the contaminants are – so it is advisable to have samples of the contaminants taken for lab tests. The results of the test could be provided to the facility manager. This is another important factor, especially in the public facilities and hospitals. It would be major point for decision making for the facility manager.


The AHU unit is thoroughly cleaned with the disinfectant to stop the growth of microbes. Condenser coil is cleaned with coil cleaners and anti-static or weather shield chemical (see page15) is sprayed on to the coils to inhibit the growth of microbes. The coating helps in reducing energy bills as it keep the coil clean for a period of time. We found that 10 to 25 percent of savings in the power bill can be achieved. The drip pan will be checked and cleaned as it can alter humidity, releases bad odour and act as thriving ground of microbes. If we find leakage in the drip pan pancreate (see page) can be used if client is interested. We also add special tablets called microguard in the drip pan which can prevent the growth of microbes for another 6 months.


We use different methods of sanitizing the ducts. We have certain gases and chemicals which can stop and prevent the growth of microbes. Fogging is done if necessary if client suggest.

Correcting All Parameters and Settings: Roboclean maintenance team will check all the parameters after maintenance program and correct the settings if necessary. The settings are done as per the HVAC system chart.

What is NADCA?

National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) is a not-for-profit trade association representing companies around the world that inspect, clean and restore heating and air conditioning systems. It is huge consortium of robotic duct decontamination companies that meet once a year in United states and they constantly train the companies in updating with the latest techniques and technology involved in creating better indoor air quality. NADCA members work in accordance with the Association’s ACR Standard, which provides guidance on the proper and safe techniques required during HVAC Inspection, Maintenance and Restoration procedures. At least one employee of each NADCA member company must receive NADCA’s Air System Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) certification and maintain this certification with Continuing Education Credits each year. NADCA’s other certifications are the Ventilation System Mold Remediator (VSMR), the Certified Ventilation Inspection (CVI) and the Certified Ventilation Consultant (CVC). A majority of NADCA members have been in business many years, and possess the knowledge and experience necessary to perform to the highest standards. Members also have significant knowledge of the tools and equipment that are necessary for each particular job. NADCA members are truly committed to our industry. We are a nadca member from India and all our technicians are nadca certified.

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